How To Last Longer In Bed

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Curious about how to last longer in bed is a thing that man who suffer premature ejaculation always searching for the answer. You may be the one who cannot last longer in bed and always be the first who come first and your partner didn’t get satisfaction. This matter could trigger disharmonious relationship and could be break anytime if you (man) don’t solve this matter. Technique of how to last longer in bed you perhaps searching in the internet giving you answer like this:

  • Kegel exercise to train your PC muscles
  • Using Condom to reduce penis’ sensitivity
  • Deep breathing, do not rush
  • Change positions
  • Don’t worry about your performance
  • Use pills like Viagra or something

These instructions you have done all and still no luck also cannot last longer in bed. The question is why? About 80% men in the world suffer PE and they are shy to admit and ask the expert for solution, so this matter keep going and would break the harmonies in your relationship. Do you want it or not? If you want to change all of this suffer and shame, it is not too late if you are really serious to overcome your premature ejaculation. Go to the expert and ask for solutions. If you are still shy you can buy book that you could learn for mastering your body and can get last longer in bed like this article would give you solution. You are lucky that you could finding this website and the writer would not disappointed you.

There are several techniques how to last longer in bed, they are:

  • You could learn from Kama Sutra that could delaying ejaculation in order to train yourself to last longer in bed. The point is to start penetration with slowly (one stroke in and out every 3 seconds. Do this step during 5 minutes and you can go step to one stroke in one second. When you feel to ejaculate soon, hold and stop until you gain control and do this step from begin.
  • Make yourself relax of body and mind, don’t be too rush. This will surely slow down you from ejaculation.
  • Do Kegel Exercise to train your PC Muscle. This technique train you how to stop and start when peeing. Hold for 3 second for beginner and if you gain control you could go advance by holding for 10 seconds or more.
  • If you could not hold your penis inside vagina, try to take it out and play her another body part to keep stimulate her.

Hope this techniques could give solution on how to last longer in bed and good luck. If you are still no luck, please visit site how to last longer in bed for expert solutions.

how to last longer in bed

how to last longer in bed

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